Glow in The Dark Rope Cord


  • ✓ Featuring reflective tracers for great nighttime visibility. It’ll shine back at you when hit with light, Perfect for holding items, guying out tents, tarps and shelters when travelling, camping or biking, Get a brighter glow by letting this cord charge in direct sunlight
  • ✓ Specification: Reflective gear cord pack contains 5/10/20M polypropylene rope reflective gear cable, Perfect for hiking and camping you can slip these into your pack with minimal space or weight consideration, Glow-in-the-Dark Rope Cord 
  • ✓ Quality: Sturdy polypropylene construction, Diamond braided for extra strength, Great for overnight camping or boating, Safe working load: 80 Lbs, Sturdy 100% polypropylene construction and diamond braided for extra strength, Perfect for any type of activity where you need to see the rope at night
  • ✓ Design: Humanized Reflective Design, The para cord glows when exposed to bright light and is highly reflective making it easy to find around your camping vestibule at night. And if you find yourself in a dangerous, survival situation you might actually find glowing, highly visible cord is pretty useful! After all, the last thing you need is slips, trips and falls!
  • ✓ Uses: Highly visible with reflective gear when lighted by flashlight, torch, lantern, even moonlight, worry-free for trip over the cord around camping tent at night. Simply put, you won’t get better visibility in any rope or cord! This highly reflective strip is woven into the outer surface of the rope in both directions to ensure the highest nighttime visibility possible.

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